Delta 18.5

With capacity to handle trips of weeks at a time the Delta 18.5 is the ultimate expedition kayak. Loaded or unloaded it is a very easy kayak to handle. It effortlessly performs leaned turns and manoeuvres with grace and precision for a kayak of its length.

The design concept for the 18.5 was to create a longer thermoformed kayak to target sea kayak guides, tour operators, and long distance touring enthusiasts. The 18.5 delivers a comfortable balance of stability and maneuverability which amazingly is not overly affected when under load. Considering its longer length, the 18.5 turns on a dime and handles beautifully in a wide variety of conditions with or without the rudder deployed. Tour operators and coastal expedition leaders will be pleased with its massive dry storage capacity and larger than average hatch openings, a standard feature on all Delta Kayak boats. A true Nor’wester in every sense of the word!

Additional Info

  • Available Colors: Sunset Orange
  • Rudder: Standard
  • Skeg: Not Available
  • Length: 18' 6''
  • Width: 23.5''
  • Depth: 13"
  • Weight: 59 lbs / 26.8 kg
  • Cockpit: 18''x 32.5''
  • Cockpit Volume: 58.8 gal / 222.5 ltr
  • Bow Dry Storage: 33.4 gal / 126.3 ltr
  • Stern Dry Storage: 40.6 gal / 153.8 ltr
  • Maximum Capacity: 550 lbs / 249 kg
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